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Basic ToneTip Audio Editing - Course 301

Basic ToneTip Audio Editing

ToneTip Course # 301 covers how to add add ToneTip Audio QR codes to your audio productions.
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ToneTip Tutorial for Powerpoint

ToneTip Tutorial for PowerPoint

Learn how to add Audio Hyperlinks files to PowerPoint presentations.
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What's a ToneTip?

What’s the ToneTip App

See how the ToneTip app works to display information added by leading media producers.
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ToneTip Audio Hyperlinks at Work

Audio Hyperlink Technology at Work

The demo shows the world’s first audio hyperlink app. Audio Hyperlink files work across nearly all audio and video distribution channels.
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ToneTip App Features

ToneTip App Features

Demonstration of ToneTip App features. This app is used with Audio and Video media that has ToneTip Audio Hyperlinks added by media Producers.
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Create Your First ToneTip Audio Hyperlink File

Create Your First ToneTip Audio Hyperlink File

This video shows how to create ToneTip audio hyperlink files. Audio Hyperlink files may be added to audio and video productions.
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