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How it Works

With more than 5 billion smart phones world wide, ToneTip offers Audio Hyperlink technology to easily engage customers across all venues, including broadcasts, podcasts, stadiums, theaters, boardrooms, and classrooms.

The next generation of connected media

Audio Hyperlink™ Technology
ToneTip works by adding short Audio Hyperlinks to audio and video.

App Detection
The audience uses the FREE ToneTip app to detect Audio Hyperlink™ files added to media productions.

Instant Information
The app displays info in real time while interacting with your media.

What is an Audio Hyperlink™ file?

Picture Hyperlinks – 1960s

Barcodes and QR codes are picture hyperlinks. They appear on products and packages. The package producer add QR codes to packages they create. If we want more information about the product, we simply scan them with our smartphones, get product information, ratings and prices. We also scan them at a store during the checkout process.

Barcodes and then QR Codes began in the 1960s
Text Hyperlinks began in the 1980s

Text Hyperlinks – 1980s

Before the Internet, there were paper documents, books, and the Dewey decimal system. Back then, people used a paper card index to look up books in a library. Then came the Internet, electronic documents, text hyperlinks and the World Wide Web. Web designers and producers insert text hyperlinks into documents they created. Text hyperlinks instantly connect people to online information. We just click a text hyperlink and view information on a webpage.

Audio Hyperlink™ Technology – 2020s

We are surrounded by audio and video media. There is YouTube, TV, radio, podcasts, streaming media, as well as audio in airports, train stations, grocery stores, and in our cars.

When we hear something interesting, we have to search with our smartphones. Similar to text and picture hyperlinks, Audio Hyperlink files are audio data files that include embedded code, decoded by a user device, that references cloud-based data or user device data. Media producers may add Audio Hyperlinks files to their audio and video media productions to provide links to more information.

We use the ToneTip app to listen for Audio Hyperlink files and get information we want, when we want it. The ToneTip app is like an audio barcode reader.

Audio Hyperlink from ToneTip

Where do Audio Hyperlink™ Files Work?

Audio Hyperlink files work in nearly all audio environments and media types. This includes YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, Powerpoint, radio, and TV. It works well in boardrooms, classrooms, stadiums and theaters, restaurants and malls, airports, and nearly any venue with a speaker system.

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