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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Learn how to create ToneTips and get answers to your questions with our FAQs.

The Basics

ToneTips can be used with any audio or video platform that supports audio frequencies of at least 15 kHz. This includes YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, FM radio, TV, PowerPoint, and most Podcast platforms. See our platform support list for more information.

Will ToneTips work with music?

Yes. Music Producers may add ToneTip audio hyperlinks to their music. Playback must use platforms that supports audio frequencies of at least 15 kHz.

How do ToneTips work?

Are there places where ToneTips will not work?

At this time, lower frequency platforms such as AM radio and Bluetooth audio do not support ToneTips. AM radio is limited to 7 kHz and Bluetooth is limited to 8 kHz. Some low frequency podcast platforms, video conferencing and Voice Over IP (VOIP) may not support ToneTips.


What happens to Producer content when an account expires?

If a Producer account expires, the ToneTip app will not display content from the Producer with the expired account. Producer information remains in our database for at least one month to allow producers to re-activate their account.

Technology & Specifications

Common production software such as Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Camtasia Studio, Adobe Audio and others may be used for mixing in audio hyperlinks. See our list of approved Production Tools.

When should a 14 kHz ToneTip be used vs a 19 kHz ToneTip?

The higher frequency 19 kHz ToneTip should be used whenever the playback platform will support the higher frequency. The lower frequency 14 kHz ToneTip is slightly audible to people under 40 years old and must be mixed at a lower volume compared to a 19 kHz ToneTip. The lower volume 14 kHz ToneTip will have a much shorter range compared to a 19 kHz ToneTip audio hyperlink.

The ToneTip app is not picking up any of my audio hyperlink files from my production. Why is it not working?

1. If the ToneTip app does not pick up any audio hyperlinks, even from our sample videos, you may have the microphone disabled on the app. Simply enable the mic under settings and try again.

2. If the ToneTip app works with our sample videos, but not with your production, the audio amplitude is set too low when you mixed in the audio hyperlink. Increase the audio amplitude, but do not exceed 80 percent. The audio signal settings with your production software must be 256 kB/sec or higher. Lower settings will filter out high frequency audio hyperlinks.

How do viewers/listeners know that ToneTips are in use in audio and video productions?

With Video and PowerPoint productions, add the ToneTip logo to your opening screen and ask your audience to download the ToneTip app for a full, interactive experience. If the media allows, you may also link to the ToneTip website download page.

With Audio (podcasts and FM radio). Ask your audience to download the ToneTip app for a full, interactive experience. Just search Apple or Android app stores for ToneTip. Look for the dual wave logo. Let them know that they will get links to additional content right on their phone. There’s no need to type in phone numbers addresses or websites.