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Create Your Own Audio Hyperlinks

With more than 5 billion smart phones world wide, ToneTip offers Audio Hyperlink™ Technology to easily engage customers across all venues, including broadcasts, podcasts, stadiums, theaters, boardrooms, and classrooms.




The next generation of connected media

Integrate Audio Hyperlink files into your existing audio and video media productions and make your media active and engaging.

Tone Tip: Stay Informed, Stay Connected, Share With Friends
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The creation process is easy

Audio Hyperlink™ Files
Add Audio Hyperlink Files to your audio and video productions

App Detection
The audience uses the FREE ToneTip app to detect Audio Hyperlink Files.

Instant Information
The ToneTip app instantly displays information added by leading producers.


Create Quickly

The easy ToneTip user interface makes it easy to create Audio Hyperlink files for all your media productions.


Drive Engagement

Add a compelling image, headline and links to drive consumer engagement, interaction and sales.

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Add Value

Add a website link, phone number or location to help consumers get more information, learn about your products or arrive at your event.


Easy Integration

Audio Hyperlink files mix with your audio or video media using most popular editing tools and can be distributed across major media platforms.

Distribute anywhere

Are you a YouTube or Podcast producer? Maybe you’re in broadcast TV or radio. Do you run your business on Zoom? Audio Hyperlink™ Technology can reach your audience wherever they’re at.

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Audio/Video Editing & Presentations

Add Audio Hyperlink files wherever you produce content

ToneTip service allows you to create audio hyperlink files for all your audio and video productions. Audio Hyperlink files can be easily integrated with your existing process using popular media production tools.

Audio Editing

Video Editing & Presentations

Are you ready to start adding Audio Hyperlink™ Technology to your media?

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