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The Next Generation of Connected Media

ToneTips provide instant access to information from your favorite podcasts, videos and events.

Tone Tip: Stay Informed, Stay Connected, Share With Friends
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With more than 5 billion smartphones worldwide, ToneTip offers media Producers the technology to easily engage customers across all venues, including broadcasts, podcasts, stadiums, theaters, boardrooms, and classrooms. It’s easy to integrate Audio Hyperlink files into existing audio and video broadcast media to engage your audience and measure performance across all media channels.

Easy, just add an audio link

EASY - add one audio file.


Create engaging audio and video productions including YouTube, Podcasts and PowerPoint.


Create and share high value media with students, staff and collaborate across devices.


Instantly connect across all media channels to drive higher engagement and higher sales

Basic ToneTip Audio Editing - Course 301

Basic ToneTip Audio Editing

ToneTip Course # 301 covers how to add add ToneTip Audio QR codes to your audio productions.
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ToneTip Tutorial for Powerpoint

ToneTip Tutorial for PowerPoint

Learn how to add Audio Hyperlinks files to PowerPoint presentations.
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What's a ToneTip?

What’s the ToneTip App

See how the ToneTip app works to display information added by leading media producers.
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Where do Audio Hyperlink files work?

Audio Hyperlink files work in nearly all audio environments and media types. This includes YouTube, podcasts, Powerpoint, radio, and TV. It works well in boardrooms, classrooms, stadiums and theaters, restaurants and malls, airports, and nearly any venue with a speaker system.

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